Bringing back double drop earrings.


I was wearing these earrings yesterday and I was asked by a friend “I love those. Aren’t they very 1980’s?”.  Yes, yes, they are.  Then my contractor asked where I got them because he wanted to buy them for his girlfriend.  Another friend also commented. When this happens, I feel compelled to share.

I remember falling in love with this style before I was allowed to get my ears pierced. Then they disappeared. Well friends, the double drop earring is back and I am loving it!

Here are my two favorites, both made by Montreal-based designers.


“Saly” earrings in silver by Boa Bijoux, 25$. I bought mine at Premium on Greene Ave.


“Stella” earrings by Caroline Néron, 55$. Buy here.

(Hint, hint, these are on my Christmas list.)

Will you try them?


7 thoughts on “Bringing back double drop earrings.

  1. But I want to see them on! Does the chain rest inside your hole? I’m totally out of the jewelry loop! l think i’m more of a statement necklace and ring person… but I love the dangles… when are gold hoops coming back? And Revlon Taupe lipstick with brown lip liner?

  2. Em, all very good questions/comments. These are definitely quieter than the statement jewelry and part of THE NEW SIMPLE. Drew already brought back the taupe lipstick…there is an article, I will find it for you on REF 29. Did you know Drew is Creative Director? The chain goes through the hole and it isn’t weird. I don’t think hoops ever left…I am still looking for the perfect pair. xx

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