The cozy sweater café launch party!

Party swag.

This past Wednesday night was the OFFICIAL cozy sweater café launch party!  Even though I started my blog in February 2014, it has taken me time to figure out exactly where I am going with it and I am at a place where I feel closer to knowing.

The mug design I drew one night at 3am.

I have a beautiful logo created in collaboration with the amazing graphic designer Luc Deslauriers.  The logo expresses what I believe is the key to happiness; which is to follow your h-art, whatever that may be for you.

I also have available for purchase (!!!) THE MUG produced by Scott Syrvet from Hannah Promotions.  My mugs were delivered as promised and they look sensational.  Thank you Luc and Scott for delivering. xx

The Right Hand Gal on-line catalog pic.

The Right Hand Gal was there to showcase their amazing jewelry!  Needless to say, to be surrounded by friends, incredible jewelry, and some yummy holiday cocktails was such a great experience that I plan on doing it again next year.  I have big plans and I hope you can attend.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this week taken at the event or posted on Instagram!

Thank you to everyone who attended for making it a great night, and a special thanks to the unstoppable Right Hand Gals.

If you would like to purchase the cozy sweater café mug please e-mail me at  They are 10$ plus shipping. Allow 5-7 days for delivery.

Happy Holidays!




10 thoughts on “The cozy sweater café launch party!

  1. Thank YOU bella for hosting such a warm, feminine, delicious, beautiful evening. What beautiful jewelry…a treat for the eyes and for the neck/finger/wrist/ears!

  2. The party looks like it was fabulous! I am so sorry I was out of town for it. I would have loved to have been there to help you celebrate your huge success! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So proud of what you have accomplished!

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