5 Things Making Me Happy

It started innocently enough. With a girl’s dinner. My friends and I were chatting excitedly over cocktails (new boyfriend alert!), when one of us arrived in the cutest Sherpa hooded sweatshirt. Fast forward to the next morning when I’m frantically searching for that same sweater. I discovered some juicy finds that I love so much, I had to share!


You’ve got your bright blue wide leg pants – with pockets and an elastic-waist. What is better for summer?


You’ve got your bright pink t-shirt, also in the before mentioned terrycloth. And, if you REALLY like parrots


You’ve got some glittery jewelry that after a few skipped occasions (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc…) perhaps you prod the man – or allow yourself – the luxury to pull the trigger on something special. I say this with love. We’ve all been through a lot the last few years and so my expectation level has been – survive. Now that things feel a little bit more celebratory, I think a little something special to treat yourself is a good thing.


You’ve got my chat with this beautiful creative soul from England. I got to chat with Sara about how she started a business that got her stunning eco-planters published in Harper’s Bazaar, House Beautiful, and Simple Things magazines. She has even had a pop-up shop at Anthropologie in Chelsea, England! She is such an inspiration to me, that I cut her photo out of Simple Things, and stuck it on my dream board. I have so many ideas for businesses that I want to get off the ground, so hearing from her five years of experience was so very helpful. We also talk travel, manifesting our dreams and mental health. It’s a goodie, and only 30 minutes long, so you’ve got time!


Last, but not least, you’ve got your juicy summer colours everywhere! Your watermelon, flowers and can we please discuss the white shirt dress I’m seeing on EVERY fashionista?! I saw it first on Carrie Bradshaw and then most recently on Mary on Selling Sunset (when she goes to see Romain at the gym. She wears it with the white ankle booties and it’s so good. I also love all of Emma’s pastel bags and juicy monotone outfits in white, pinks, and blues. So good.) The dresses & rompers here and here are so yummy!

What is making you happy these days?

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