A Bohemian Modern Rustic Dream Home.

Homeowner Lissa Matyas and designer Tammy Skjenna became fast friends. “We met her when she did the staging for the house we were selling and we were really impressed by how she beautified all the rooms in just a few hours. It was like magic.”

What do you get when you mix friendship with a free spirit, a Brit and an empathetic designer? You get perfectly styled rooms infused with bohemian prints, and a relaxed tailored aesthetic worthy of the finest British manor.

Eat your heart out every other kitchen that exists.

I jokingly call my friend’s new home – a manor – but they insist it’s a modern rustic cottage. I live in the city, so I’m used to smaller spaces. When I walked into this open, spacious and gleaming new home, I knew we had a story on our hands.


Lissa and Quentin met designer Tammy Skjenna when she staged their previous home. It sold fast and the three fell into an easy friendship and creative collaboration they didn’t want to end. They designed this new home together and have more projects on the go.


Brass lighting and gleaming marble counter tops make entering this home feel like you are walking out onto a stage.

Can we please delight in the brass details, rustic wood and perfectly styled shelves? Thank you.


Could this mouse house, created by the Lissa’s niece, be any cuter?

A ceramic mouse house that lives next to the kitchen sink was handmade by Lissa’s niece.


Once the fire is going and the wine is poured, you have to rip me away from this luscious couch.

The painting over the fireplace was painted by Lissa when she was in art school.

And the plants. So good.


The chairs. The wallpaper. The art. This room elevates any meal, including takeout, into a feast.


Pink sky landscape by artist Emeline Villedary.

Lissa painted her son’s portrait with him when he was four.


Tammy says “I had a very special few days working on Lissa’s art studio with my mother who is also a designer. The studio was originally meant to be a small guest room, but I felt it could be more special with the light the room gets. Lissa loves to create, and is an artist at heart. “

Lissa gets a room of her own.


Quentin and Lissa say this is their favorite room in the house. It was the first room that was decorated after the move, so it was their oasis away from all the boxes. It’s inspired by Australia, where the two met and fell in love.


Kitchen chairs.

The comfiest tailored couch.

A close-up of their mouse house.

Lissa and Quentin’s son’s smile adorns beloved books.


Designer: Oxford Street Design

Photographer: Annabelle Agnew

Thank you to my dear friends Lissa and Quentin for opening your doors and letting us in. And to Annabelle for capturing this special place. xx

Tammy, Annabelle, Quentin, Lissa and I toast to a successful photo shoot! (Rough day at the office for all of us.)

P.S. We can’t forget to thank Kai who patiently stood for this portrait.
Photograph in dining room by Daniel Benn
Son’s bed cover by Simons Home
Kitchen lighting by Multiluminaire

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