How To Get Out of a Funk

My mind has been wandering For days and days. There is no movement here. I am motionless. I am caught in this standstill. And if there is more I will go on, and on... This form I now hold will not be my conclusion There's an answer in us all. And it's making it way through. There's a wonder of the world in these letters. And I'll have you know I'm searching. Still searching....

I was feeling really uninspired by everything. My to do list. My city. You name, it was all feeling…blah. I took a few actions and now I feel sooo much better. I feel excited!

What did I do?

1 – Identify the feelings

The dance of light in Venice | Marek Langowski | Polish Impressionist painter

I was feeling super stuck. Heavy. Like I was being pulled down. Insecure. All those feelings that are so unpleasant were gnawing at me. I know, it happens, but sometimes fear drags me down and then I get scared I’ll never get out of it. I started writing all my feelings down, as I do. I journal every day. Some things popped up. I wanted to share a story about losing weight. I wanted to chop off my hair as a symbol of letting go and giving myself freedom. I was feeling sick of myself and I felt a desire to seek outside of myself. Beneath the negative thoughts was a light telling me “this is an opportunity, a sign of growth”, if I could let it be.

2 – Phone a friend

TheyAllHateUs Don't be a mean girl, be a kind girl.

Once I identified the feeling, I called a friend to find out what she had done in this situation. Her sage advice, if I boil it down, was to sit with it and to give myself permission to do the things that I love. She was right.

3 – Face the fear head on

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I wrote the story that scared me, and then I was afraid to put it out there. After 3 days of thinking about it, I finally said hey, let’s do this. I have every right to voice my experience. I got a lot of feedback and maybe I helped someone. Cool. I booked my hair appointment. I reached out to some people to go for coffee. All of these small actions got me back my momentum. I called out my tendency to compare myself to others on IG, and it made me giggle.

4 – Seek

A beautiful Little Free Library covered in ivy provides inspiration for bookworms and gardeners alike.

I started listening to the podcasts I was curious about. Looking for teachers, inspiration, and positive thoughts to change up my mindscape. Goop, Oprah, Liz Gilbert are all so helpful, interesting and great reminders that I’m not alone in my self-doubt. self-criticism and fear. There are lots of helpful tools out there!

5 – Get involved

Stronger Together, Feminism, Intersectionality, Women | Girls Supporting Girls | Lady Power | Girl-gang | Women | Girlfriends | Sisterhood | Feminism | Equality | We Rise Together | Stay Wokesupporting Women.

I was feeling uninspired by my surroundings so I booked a ticket to a women’s storytelling event. I booked a mani/pedi at a spa I’ve been curious about. I said yes to a few opportunities outside my comfort zone.

6 – All of a sudden…

53 of the Best Inspirational and Motivational Quotes Ever - The Curate Collaborative

I’m excited again. Light. Flying.

P.S. A fabu haircut also helps a ton! Self-care never fails.

What do you do when you are in a funk?

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