3 Podcasts That Changed My Mindset


As I said here, I was working through what felt like a funk, but was really creative evolution. One of the tools that helped me change up my mindset was listening to podcasts. I thought you’d like to know which podcasts were particularly helpful, and what specific quotes resonated.

“My life started at 62. It’s never too late.”

Jane Fonda

OK, so I’m paraphrasing her podcast and yes, we hear this all the time, but do we always believe it? Listening to Jane Fonda’s life story (for the second time) was a great reminder that age is not a limitation.

“There is going to be pain. There is going to be uncertainty. Life requires ceaseless effort. Exoneration is a fantasy.”

Dr. Barry Michels

Essentially daydreaming that being rich, famous, retired, on a constant vacation or insert whatever fantasy you hold in your mind that you believe will make life easier, will not set you free from these three principles. He says that the people that accept them are happier.

“Fears, self-doubt etc. are just exit ramps off the highway.” 

Liz Gilbert

If you see your purpose as a highway, all those doubts and fears are just leading you off the road. Don’t believe or trust them, just keep driving and trust your creative force.

What quotes or podcasts changed your mindset?

Links to podcasts are in pink. Images via.


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