Great advice from Kate Hudson.

I am reading Kate’s Hudson’s book.  I hesitated at first because I misinterpreted the title (and do we really need another celeb diet book ?), but Kate has a spiritual side that I am curious about.

Kate reminds you to connect with yourself, explains why it is important, and she provides easy tools to do so.  It’s more of a workbook full of quizzes and questions that help you build a “drawing board” which you can revisit to check in with yourself.  Her focus is on identifying your Ayurveda body type so you can work with your body in a healthy way, and defines these 4 key pillars to focus on.

  • Cultivating an Intuitive Relationship With Your Body
  • Eating Well
  • Awakening Your Body through movement
  • The Miracle of Mindfullness

I am someone who loves yoga and meditation, and am always listening to my body, so I thought my mindfullness “score” would be pretty high. But I am impressed that the book has opened me up to further growth in this department.

When you meditate you can either focus on something (a lake, a field, whatever works for you)  or just watch your thoughts go by and not judge or engage with them.  She suggests doing the former in everyday life.  To watch your thoughts and emotions go by, without judgement or engaging with them right away….hmmm. Maybe that sounds really obvious, we all know we have to wait to react to an upsetting phone call.  But this is about not even letting the water get to warm, let alone boil. It is also about being kind to yourself, which is always a good idea.

I have a pretty fiery personality, and am naturally analytical, so I can get good and lost on a thought train. This can be great for my creative endeavors, but not always in life; especially if the thoughts snowball. Dealing with triggers to our “fight or flight” reflex is always a challenge, especially when we misinterpret signals. The idea of not always engaging with your thoughts (which can make you even more emotional) intrigues me.  It doesn’t mean being passive, but maybe letting them sit a while and not reacting right away, or letting them lead you in a negative direction.

Instead of letting my emotions control me, or trying to control them, I’ll just let them go.


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