Bringing back DIY Jewelry !

DIY cozy sweater cafe

Earrings I made at Bead It on Sherbrooke street

Charmed by Drew Barrymore’s bohemian style and her earrings in particular from the movie He’s Just That Into You, I tried to source the jewelry designer with no luck.  I decided to go ahead and just make some myself.


Drew Barrymore as Mary in He’s just Not That Into You

I headed straight to Bead It on Sherbrooke street which I have passed for years and never gone in even though I was filled with curiosity and fun memories from my first jewelry making experience years ago.  I was pleasantly surprised by their lovely selection of beads and precious stones.  I selected enough stones for two sets of earrings and set-up an hour-long class with Jessica on the following Saturday.

My class took place at the shop over a Cavalero latte (yum).  Jessica and I laughed as she showed me how to cut and twist the wire to make the best loops to attach the stones.  After a few tries I got the knack of it and was overjoyed with my creations and the possibilities that exist once you get started.  I will definately go back to make holiday gifts, and next time I want to explore necklace making.

They are really welcoming at the shop and the total cost for the stones (from Brazil), wire, and the class was only about 75$ which I consider very reasonable.  I hope you try it!  Or at least get to that creative project you have been putting off.

DIY jewelry cozy sweater cafe 2

My second set of earrings, made at Bead It.


Anthropologie necklace that will serve as inspiration for future projects

Bead It

4930 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Westmount, QC H3Z 1H3, Canada

Tel::+1 514-481-1375

Happy creative endeavors friends, whatever they may be.
the cozy sweater café

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