Art that make me happy!

Love is in the air, spring is in the air…well maybe not when you look outside, but I want it to feel that way at home.  I want upbeat art, happy pineapples, aerial beach scenes, and fanciful typography dancing around my space for my eyes to feel inspired!

Here is some of my favorite happy art.

source: lulu & georgia

source: amore per sempre

source: designlovefest (Stephanie Todaro for Lauren Conrad)

source: marianna hewitt

source: emily wright

I recently bought this at indigo. It reminds me to flip ideas on their head and lighten up! Things don’t to have to be as we think they do.

When I grow up, I want this gray malin.


7 thoughts on “Art that make me happy!

  1. Well you know how much I love happy art!! That pineapple is awesome. I can’t recommend The Jealous Curator enough.. Through her podcast + blog, I’ve plugged into this AMAZING world of contemporary and fun happy art. I think you would love it! ART GOALS!! I want to try to buy originals this year and try to find ways of making original art more accessible. But first, lavender bath!

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