This Top NYC Editor’s Advice Will Change Your Career.

I first met Shani Silver two years ago when my favorite home decor magazine Domino announced they were looking for freelance writers on Instagram.  I sent in 3 story ideas right away and crossed my fingers hoping that I’d hear … Continue reading


Stella & Cynthia are back! Here are their favorite runway looks and where to find real options on-line. Spring is coming this weekend! The time for picnics, fresh colorful flowers and travel plans is almost upon us. Enjoy! … Stella’s list GINGHAM … Continue reading

Backyard Magical !

My obsession this week is summer planning…dreaming really… This will be the year I put budget aside to make my backyard magical! For some on-line inspiration, I started with with Klimt, Monet and Renoir, the masters of light and color… …because my favorite … Continue reading