Four Funny Books for the Holidays!

A friend asked me for some book recommendations for the holidays so I thought I’d share my favorite funny reads from 2018! This lovely man just wrote the most life-affirming bromance I’ve ever read. It’s witty, touching and satisfying. Please … Continue reading

Fun holiday gift ideas & quick reads!

” When you are grateful,  fear disappears and abundance appears.”  – Anthony Robbins It’s Friday and I feel grateful for the upcoming weekend! With the holidays and a time change upon us, a sense of urgency has set in.  I have a … Continue reading

Summer Reads: A family romp in Mallorca, a Brooklyn antiromance, an epic quest, and some Nantucket romance!

On my recent holiday I got to indulge in some uninterrupted poolside reading time.  Here are the books I read and recommend! The Vacationers By: Emma Straub Intrigued by the title, cover, and premise of this book, I thought it would … Continue reading