What’s Your Style?

I wrote this article on how to make your home look ‘Lux for Less’. One of the first steps I’ve discovered that is so important, is to define your style using your own words.  I’d love to know: What’s your style? … Continue reading

This Top NYC Editor’s Advice Will Change Your Career.

I first met Shani Silver two years ago when my favorite home decor magazine Domino announced they were looking for freelance writers on Instagram.  I sent in 3 story ideas right away and crossed my fingers hoping that I’d hear … Continue reading

Winter Treats: From Blah to Spa to Aaaaah !

Could someone please escort Old Man Winter out the door?  I have had enough of the freezing cold, the filthy boots, and the serpentine scarf that strangles me every time I  leave the house. As I daydream of freshly painted toenails, flowers picked from my garden, … Continue reading