10 Reasons I Can’t Wait for the Holidays!

It’s been an interesting year. I started getting excited about the holidays in November…okay, before Halloween. Maybe it’s because they have announced that it will be a snowy Winter, or maybe it’s just…because. Do I really need a reason? Here’s … Continue reading

Nylon magazine’s Jenna Igneri on teacup piglets, fast fashion and life in NYC.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nylon magazine’s cool girl Jenna Rose Igneri at an event. I was first struck by her lavender coloured hair and black lipstick.  Over dinner I had such a good chat with this sweet and charismatic Brooklynite, … Continue reading

Top 12 Sephora products to keep you beautiful all summer long!

I don’t know about you, but when I enter a Sephora, I get completely overwhelmed.  I asked Stella & Cynthia to give us their Top 12 Sephora beauty products for summer!  I will definitely be checking out several of these … Continue reading

Real Fashion for Real Women: winter remedies & eating clean !

Dry skin? Dry lips?  Feeling like you need to upgrade your eating habits?  You have come to the right place. I invited Stella & Cynthia aka “Real Fashion for Real Women” to share their go to natural winter remedies that soothe … Continue reading