Capsule Closet: Beach Vacation

I’m several weeks away from vacation – but in my mind, I’m already there.

It’s time to get my summer wardrobe together, asses and then purchase what’s needed. It’s time to book my hair and nail appointments. It’s time to download all the books I want to read.

It’s time to dream about what awaits me.


My look this year will be (attempting) minimalism. I’m a chronic overpacker.

Online dictionaries typically define “overpack” as a verb meaning “to pack too many items into (a container)” (suspiciously suggesting the suitcase I travel with), or the more helpful “to pack into an overpack”.

Black on black. White dresses. Bohemian maxi dresses. Casual shorts and wide-leg terrycloth pants with big t-shirts and straw bags. Long skirts and mid-length tops. Big sunglasses. Statement earrings and long necklaces. A straw hat is a must. I want to stick to my existing favorites as much as possible, and add a few new fun pieces. Bathing suits don’t last long, so I’ll definitely need a few new ones for the summer.

Black (Dress) on Black (Accessories)


Love these two dresses from Zara. Shop their black summer dresses here.

Colorful + Striking White  – Flowy Bohemian Dresses


Love these dresses from Zara. Shop their bohemian dresses here.

Crop Tops + Pants / Crop Top + Shorts / Crop Top + Skirts (Mix + Match)


Love these tops + bottoms from Aerie. Shop their Pool to Party line here.

Blazer + Sweater + Hat + Bag + Shoes


These are pieces I already have in my closet. It’s good to have your favorite reliable pieces to dress up an outfit for evenings on the beach.


Zara has bathing suits this year that I’m curious about. Aerie is doing fun metallics. Their gold bikini is already sold out. Shop Zara bathing suits here. Shop Aerie bathing suits here.

Play with Hair + Make-Up


I want to play with up do’s, colorful eyeliners and sparkly eye shadows. My hair appt is set! I’ll be chopping off a few inches!

Beach Vacay Capsule Wardrobe:

  • Blazer
  • Denim long sleeve shirt
  • Large sweater
  • Bathing suits x 3
  • Flipflops, flat sandal, neutral heel
  • Black dress
  • White dress
  • Bohemian dress
  • Crop + long t-shirts x 2 each
  • Straw hat + bag
  • Evening bag
  • Long skirt
  • Romper / beach coveralls x 2 each
  • Large sunglasses
  • Hair accessories (clip, scrunchie, elastics)
  • Pants + Shorts x 2 each
  • Make-up in fun colors + sparkle

What will you be packing? Where do you love to shop for vacation clothes? Am I missing anything?

Whatever you do, I wish you a wonderful escape where you revel in joy, ease and splendor with your loved ones.


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