A Home Office Aha Moment

It was supposed to be a girl’s night in. Five of us hanging out. Wine. Pizza. Seltzer. Easy.

What ended up happening? A transformation of my expectations of what a home office can be IRL. Not the Pinterest curated office all dolled up and perfect for a photoshoot, but a thoughtfully planned, sophisticated office.

My cool friend wanted a duo home office for her and her hubby to work side by side. When they received the quote for a personalized build, the number contained a few too many zeros. So, with a bit of creativity, ingenuity and Pinterest – voila! They brought their vision to life. They repurposed IKEA kitchen cabinets and butcher block countertops. They hung several shelves in a row to make a strong statement. They styled the space with personal photos, candles and greenery.

Seeing the shelves lit up at night with flickering scented candles, and intentional ambient lighting, it was the sexiest home office I’d ever seen. I started fantasizing about how neatly the folders were organized in the drawers. This is X-rated stuff. I thought back to the mayhem in my exposed bookshelves back at home. Blushing, I realized this simply will no longer do.

As we are in the middle of a home revamp, it’s the perfect time to think bigger. To be more intentional with closed storage. Beautiful styled shelving up top, and deep drawers down below.



Yes, IKEA is doing green kitchen cabinets right now.


I think the biggest challenges for any home office can be space, budget and creating an office that seamlessly disappears when you aren’t working. What I love about her office, is that the upper shelving feels more like a bookshelf, and the desks disappear into the background because she used colors that harmonize with her living room. I think she may have cracked a mysterious code here folks. Use the upper shelving as a bookshelf, and hide all work-related papers under the desk. Treat the office like a library and a personal art gallery – that happens to contain a laptop.

My office is in my living room and until now, has faced towards said living room. I can see the whole living room, so I don’t feel like I have my back towards the action. I feel a part of the whole space, not claustrophobic. It’s glorious to face light from a grand window all day. My current conundrum, is that our new couch is much lower than our existing couch. My desk will no longer disappear behind the couch if my desk continues to face the living room. I have a few options. I can face the front wall that contains a smaller window, or I can face a wall. I’m thinking if I add nice curtains, and look out this smaller window, this could be very Carrie Bradshaw. Or, I can face the wall, and hang a mirror that will reflect my huge living room window that gives me so much light and joy.

No matter what I decide, I am going to borrow from my friend’s creative solution.


However you decide to style your home office, add plants, inspirational art, a cozy blanket, candles and whatever else it takes to make it your happy place.

What changes will you be making? Or, what hacks have you discovered for making a small home office a place you relish?

Thank you Lee for sharing these photos of your beautiful home. One day when you start your own business working with local BC vendors, I know it will be something unique, that inspires, and evokes something special for many people. This is just a taste of what’s to come. xx

2 thoughts on “A Home Office Aha Moment

  1. This is so inspiring. Time to do a big cleanup and be more intentional about what I put into my home office and what I leave out. Thanks for always being so positive and creative and helpful in sharing new ideas and perspectives. Always such a great pick me up and motivator!

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