My Artist Nook

I was not 100% on board with renovations to our basement. Yes, my foot once fell through the unfinished floor, but I was resistant to change. After the past few years, I’ve been wanting to keep my home – my sanctuary – calm. However, once the work was almost complete, my husband floated the idea of a creating space for me to paint. I actually got excited. We had said our focus was his office space, a playroom for our daughter and storage. All good things for all of us, but a space for me to create? That got me thinking…

Current Situation

I love painting but often I don’t have the time or courage to bring up all my supplies, canvases and set-up at the dining room table. The thought of that effort, plus the clean-up, can stop me from doing something I love. Imagine, a space where I have everything ready to go? An “art trap” as Elizabeth Gilbert calls it. Sign me up!

The Dream

I am dreaming of a comfortable chair, easy to move if I want to dance. A space with fairy lights, plants, inspirational imagery, and shapes that uplift me. Storage for my canvases. Lots of notebooks. A space to set-up all my paint so I can see all the colors. Maybe set-up them up in a rainbow format!? A color wheel on the wall. Inspirational quotes…whatever makes me happy!

I want white walls, carpeting to protect our new floors. I want to go Jackson Pollack in this space! I want a room of my own. I want to play music and do arts and crafts with my little one. All without needing to worry about putting everything away once I’m tired.

The Plan

I am thinking the space will be at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. I know this sounds less than ideal. BUT, it will have great floors, fresh white walls and newly installed bright lights. This is a new and improved space that is begging to be more than storage. I already have an easel, so I’ll start there. As time and budget allow, I may get a tilted desk.

Oxford White CC-30

I will be painting the walls in Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White. I will need simple storage for paint, brushes, and canvases. I am planning on IKEA for this. I’m thinking a wheel cart.

NISSAFORS Utility cart, pale green, 19 7/8×11 3/4×32 5/8 ” (50.5x30x83 cm)


I’m imagining one or two shelving units to store art and craft supplies.

IVAR Shelving unit with storage box, pine, 35×11 3/4×70 1/2 ” (89x30x179 cm)

IVAR Storage combination with doors, pine, 68 1/2×11 3/4×70 1/2 ” (174x30x179 cm)


Storage is lovely, but a room of one’s own is much more important. A no screen zone that is mine. A calm oasis from the storm. A space where I can carve out time for my heart, mind and soul…to dream.

What are you dreaming of?

For more art nook inspiration visit my Pinterest board.

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