10 Fun Things

I know, it’s been a minute. I’ve been busy! I finally have time to sit down and write this. I’ve been dying to share these shows, movies, podcasts and a book that I think are fantastic. This list is in no particular order. Maybe you’ve been busy too and haven’t seen them yet. If you have, just skip through. If you have any to recommend, please share.


Like a world coming out of a pandemic, Jimmy Laird (Jason Siegal), is immerging from his grief after losing his wife. On the heels of Stutz, this show came out at the perfect time. Harrison Ford’s character is apparently based on the famous therapist.

The only way through – is turning everything inside out. Breaking the rules as a therapist, as a dad and as friend. It’s mourning, made fun. When everything breaks apart, how do you piece your life back together? Who do you turn to when everything is a mess? These are the big questions Shrinking explores.

Dream cast. Great writing. By the makers of Ted Lasso. Highly recommend. Watch for the cast, stay for the décor, costumes and comedy. Harrison Ford still has it at 80. And don’t even get me started on Jessica Williams. What a woman.


A deeply personal film by Jonah Hill. He turns the camera on his therapist, Stutz. I loved this movie. The cinematic beauty, the pain they share, the unveiling. I avoided it at first out of fear (and I tend to procrastinate watching hyped movies), but it is beautiful, moving and therapeutic. 100% worth the hype.

Stutz is famous for using drawings to explain his work. As a huge advocate for therapy, I found his theories did articulate much of what I’ve learned, plus a few painful but helpful tidbits I still think about weeks later. Get your Kleenex, notepad and pen.


Four of the most talented women on television. Cruel to only put out 8 episodes for Season 2. Cruel!

4 – BROS

This movie is just fantastic. I don’t want to tell you anything for fear of ruining it for you! Just – yes! I related to the main character, and felt seen, in a way that I did not expect. So much love for this one.


Life after a breakup in Manhattan by the makers of Sex and the City – yes please! Netflix dropped the show after one season, but Showtime picked it up. Yeah! This is a fun one.

Fascinating to hear how networks didn’t think America would watch a gay love story. Listen here to find out how the writers made Will & Grace happen.


Cara Delevingne explores human sexuality while travelling the world. She is open, and surprisingly emotional about what she discovers. I am loving all of the people she meets. Her openness is refreshing and I love that she is fearless. The only downside is that it’s giving me major wanderlust.


Must watch. The writing. Lizzy Caplan. Claire Danes. The ending. The homes. The Torschlusspanik. (Torschlusspanik describes the anxiety induced by the feeling that time is running out for you to act. It literally means ‘gate closing panic’, and particularly refers to people as they age, who worry that they have to take the opportunity now, in case they never get the chance again.)

This show gets in your blood and stays ridged in your heart. The book was a 2019 New York Times Bestseller. This show has sparked so many think pieces, that people are still talking about it on social media. The story begins as a man is getting a divorce and starts app-dating, but it turns into something else completely. It strikes a cord with anyone, women in particular, currently redefining the words friendship, intimacy, success, love, marriage, motherhood, freedom and sanity.

After watching I went on a deep dive into the writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner who famously profiled Gwyneth. Taffy – what a woman. What a writer.


I swear, not everyone has seen this yet! A murder mystery set in a 5-star hotel. Season 1 was set in Hawaii. Season 2 is set in Italy. The cast of characters is delicious. Television does not get better than this series right now.


Speaking of murder.


Writer and star Sharon Horgan can do no wrong. The writer of my favorite comedy about marriage – Catastrophe. Bad Sisters is a whodunnit. Which sister killed the man who had it coming? If you loved Big Little Lies and The Guest List, you will love this. (Trigger warning: domestic violence.)


Three friends write video games. This book is an epic friendship story. If it ever gets made into a movie, they better handle it with care, because this book is absolutely beloved by everyone who reads it.

Am I missing anything?

I almost forgot – MAVERICK.

So much fun. You’ve very likely seen this a few times. BUT, have you heard this interview with Tom Cruise? His passion is infectious.


This is a fun one. It checks all the rom com boxes. Great sarcastic one liners, unexpected physical comedy and delivers on all the feels.

6 thoughts on “10 Fun Things

  1. That’s a great watch list. It gives me lots to catch up on…! I did 2 on the list and LOVED both: ‘Bad Sisters’ (I love Sharon Horgan and her other series ‘Catastrophe’) and ‘Maverick’ (loved reconnecting with my 13 year old self seeing the first ‘Top Gun’). M

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