How (& Why) To Create A Dream Board

I put together my dream board every year. January is a good time as we are indoors, and it’s the start of a new year. You may call it an inspiration board, a collage, or a to-do list. Whatever you call it, however often you do it, I believe in the power of seeing images every day as a way to get our private or subconscious desires to manifest into reality.

I believe in the power of seeing images every day as a way to get our private or subconscious desires to manifest into reality.

I remember one year mountains spoke to me. I didn’t have any plans to go mountain climbing, but a last minute trip to Western Canada seemed like fate when I looked back at my dream board months later. That’s a small example of the power of visualization.

Or, if that sounds too “woohoo” for you, simply consider that the board is beautiful, and that it is a space to round up images that make you happy.

Some of you may create boards with Pinterest and save it on your computer or phone screen. To each their own. I love a reason to buy a few magazines and avoid screen time. The added bonus is that while I cut out clippings, my little one does the same. Clean up is fun, but who cares, she happily plays next to me for over an hour. As any mom of a toddler knows, this is a good thing. I encourage you to invite your kids to do the same. I think it’s a great way to nourish your creative life, plan, dream, travel, and get in touch with your gut instinct.

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Magazines
  • Cork Board
  • Thumbtacks
  • Most important: An open mind

I start with a trip to the magazine shop. I go through every section and see what calls out to me. I buy the ones I can’t live without. I take a few weeks to collect the clippings I am attracted to. There is no rush. It’s not about collecting every bathroom or kitchen you love. It’s about collecting the pages that sing to you, perhaps for no apparent reason, except for a desirable feelings that it gives you. You might not know just yet why it calls to you. Trust that feeling. It’s good to have different types of magazines as you don’t just want models staring back at you. You want wellness, art, inspiration, sports, music icons, whatever speaks to YOU.

Let your gut rule.

Once you have ripped out all the pages. Cut them out in satisfying shapes. Clean the edges of the pages. Cut out quotes that speak to you. Shapes. Colors. A cushion. A mushroom. A carpet. People on camels. Whatever attracts you and speaks to your heart. Clip them out.

Arrange the cuttings by size. Large, medium and small. I then place all the largest images on my cork board, followed by medium sized cuttings. I allow patterns to emerge, and colors that work together, flow together. Finally, I place the quotes, and smallest cuttings to fill in the blanks. Let your gut rule. Start again if it doesn’t work the first time. Take your time. Let the clippings sit on the board for some time if required.

Take your time.

Once you are ready, secure the cuttings with thumbtacks. Tip the board over to make sure they are all secure. When you are done, put the board in plain sight so you can see it every day.

Step back. Look at it. What do you see? Is it a goal-oriented board? Is it purely aspirational? Only time will tell.

Enjoy it. It’s art. It should make you happy to admire it. The joy continues as you see the little nudges you have put in place for yourself come into being. Perhaps even in ways you could not have predicted.

By doing this exercise, you are shining a light on your own precious desires and I believe, creating a soul map to your fullest most joyful life.

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