The Best Skincare For Under 25$

Nadine Artemis, Creator of Living Libations

They discontinued my favorite 14$ pharmacy brand face cream. Like we haven’t suffered enough through this pandemic…now this? You have to be KIDDING me.

So… I put out a plea on Instagram, and asked friends what they use and love, in the under 20$ category.

I don’t want to spend a lot of money on face cream. I’ve tried the 50$ stuff and it just dries out my already dry skin.

Apparently Nivea is the “French woman’s secret”. OK, I tried it.

Um. It’s under 10$ and makes my skin feel sooooo good. Perfect! Now I have a day and night cream. I wash my face with water and then put this on. It takes a bit of time to soak in, so I have to wait a few minutes to do my make-up, but it feels wonderful.

Nivea Face Cream feels luxurious and it’s under 10$. Buy it here.

Another friend (with incredible skin) told me I had to try Living Libations. Have you heard of it? I am very skeptical about new products. I don’t usually try a bunch. I find something I like, and I stick to it.

I asked her which product specifically was a must-have and I was told this one. It’s called Best Skin Ever – Seabuckthorn. It truly is incredible. I was so intrigued by this brand that I went on the site and bought about five items for around 75$. I am officially OBSESSED. I honestly cannot rave about these products enough, and I’ve only tried the oil and this lip balm so far. Once I test out more products, my routine may change again, but so far, so very good.

Best Skin Ever – Seabuckthorn is an “all-in-one cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer that can be used to grace the face, tempt the nose, and make skin sing from head to toes!”

I started with 30 ml before I commit to a bigger bottle. I use it as a moisturizer, but you can use it to remove make-up, clean your skin and moisturize your whole body.

Living Libations

The Canadian company (based in Ontario) uses high quality natural ingredients including essential oils that relax you and make your skin glow. Using these products is like a mini trip to the spa. I can feel my shoulders fall as I put it on my skin.

In this world, at this time, I cannot recommend this product enough. I put it on three days ago and my skin still feels incredible.

It is absolutely heaven.

Have you tried Living Libations yet?

If you want to go even more pure, try straight jojoba oil from the health food store for about 18$. Here are 13 benefits. Another friend with incredible skin applies it to her hot face and then covers her skin with a hot steaming facecloth. I think it’s bath time. Pumpkin oil is also a goodie. Here’s why.

The recommendations continue…

Another friend, a natural product lover, and one with gorgeous skin, recommends Acure. Apparently it’s available at health food stores and some grocery stores. You can also find the two products she recommends here and here. One is a cleanser, and the other is a serum you apply before moisturizer, if that suits your fancy.


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