I Hope You’re Watching Halston!

Shivers. Amazing one liners. And a performance that is intellectually and emotionally captivating. Watching Ewan McGregor embody the icon is watching a human being invent himself one behavior at a time, one choice at a time, one interaction at a time. He is like a peacock staring in the mirror. Flexing his feathers, his powers, his whole body while in tune with himself, and aware of the effect he is having on the people around him.

Ewan is that rare talent that is always hidden, even as his vulnerability is on full display. So fluid, relaxed and supine, he is always one step ahead.

We get to watch him transform from small town boy into the controversial iconic brand, one creation at a time.

I have not finished watching the show, I have only seen the first few episodes, but I haven’t been this excited about a performance since I fell in awe of the cast of Succession. Please watch to salivate over the fashion, Liza and this chameleon named Ewan.

I am absolutely enthralled and will be checking out the documentary Halston and the Battle of Versailles.

As we transition from quarantine to freedom, I feel a Studio 54 moment stirring all over the world with a fashion renaissance to follow. Sequence, glitter and all of us peacocks coming out of our caves to prance.

The show is not critically acclaimed but I just don’t care. For anyone who has ever walked through New York City on a moonlit night and seen bubble wrap or garbage bags glisten with potential, you will identify with that moment of inspiration. It’s delicious.



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