The. Best. Chocolate. Chip. Cookies. Ever.

Um. Did you eat the cookies, because I can’t find them. The tin is empty.

As I mentioned here, I can’t stop eating cookies either, so I’m not mad. I get it.

But if you could just go ahead and bake me another batch…I’d be so grateful.

I’m kidding…

The truth is, we ate most of them and gave the rest away as gifts. The recipe makes 40 cookies!

I am not a proficient baker, but these were very easy to make. Just be sure to leave the butter out for an hour or two before you get started so that it’s at room temperature.

You can find the Magnolia Table recipe here.

Happy eating!

*SPOLIER ALERT* Don’t be surprised if you find a cookie monster in your house that bears a striking resemblance to the person you see in the mirror every morning.

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