5 Things that Spark Joy

Since I am living in sweatpants like everyone else in the world, I figured I might as well have some fun with it. Every company is offering loungewear right now, but if it doesn’t make me happy, I am not interested. I want symbols and colors that spark joy. Give me your rainbows, stars, hearts, bright colors and uplifting sayings. Give me your “Shine On”, your “Choose Happiness” and your “Eternal Optimist”. (The latter made my husband literally laugh out loud. “You – an eternal optimist? Ha!” Thanks. Thanks a lot. I believe in the power of suggestion. That tank top triggers joy every time I wear it, so I win.)

1 – Wearable Joy

Old Navy has been scratching right where it itches. From cozy star-covered two piece sets to vintage t-shirts, they have the wearable joy I’m looking for. I just bought my husband this Seinfeld t-shirt, my daughter this adorable “We Shine Together” sweatshirt and myself this sweatshirt. What are you wearing these days that makes you happy?

2 – Call My Agent Season 4 on Netflix

I have been eagerly awaiting the latest and final season of Call My Agent on Netflix. There are fewer episodes than usual, but this season is solid gold for so many reasons. There is no greater way to treat yourself right now than to watch The Sigourney Weaver episode. I won’t say another word, except to guarantee that you will be surprised and delighted by this woman. Bravo lady. Bravo! You can watch the trailer here.

3 – Essie A-list

Doing my nails makes me happy. Not a soul will see my nails except for me, myself and I since you can’t walk out of the house without thermal mittens these days, but it makes typing more fun. (My husband doesn’t notice these things. My daughter wants her nails done too and this elicits a painful reaction to the word “No,” which I temper with a “We can do your nails this weekend!” which I hope she’ll forget. Success rate = low).

My favorite red is A-list from Essie. They have started to discontinue some of my favorite colors, so I tried a few of the brand Quo and I am loving the results. The colors are pretty and the polish goes on streak free.


Head over to this DJ’s Instagram to lift your spiritual vibrations. I saw her perform a few years ago and I was blown away by her explosive energy and how she works a room. Now, this sexy free spirit is performing every Friday starting February 5th live on YouTube and twitch. Here is her calendar. I love the idea of actively spreading positivity and good vibes. Yes!

5 – Wellness 360 with Steph

This love is a beloved friend of mine and is now a qualified barre instructor (taught by this master.). You will not meet a kinder or more beautiful lady and so I offer my support to her new on-line enterprise. She is someone who will lift your spirit with her generous heart. There is no-one more adorable. Try her on-line classes. (One of her tips changed my yoga game.)

Whether or not you consume any of these suggestions, I do want to send you positive thoughts. I send you love, lightness and joy. Let’s raise the vibrations around us, and with that, I pray we bring the world together.


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