This new natural skincare line is so good I went on IG make-up free


Julie Cvijic is known in Vancouver as the facial specialist with a secret client list. People fly in from all over the world to have their skin rejuvenated, healed and transformed.

I was able to get a facial from her when I was in Vancouver last year. I was impressed that she not only makes her own products that smell amazing, but she has found a secret ingredient* that is the base for all of her products. She just made those products available for purchase on-line.

I am enamored with the intense skin peel she created. It smells like orange cinnamon cake. I applied it at home today (you can see the results on my IG stories now).

Hours later, my skin still feels moist, and looks refreshed, like I just stepped out of a spa.




I started with a cleanser, then I applied the intensive peel for a few moments, and followed that up with the day moisturizer.

My skin is singing right now.


*Ok, it’s not a secret. You can read all about the science behind her products, that have taken her a lifetime to create, and purchase them here.

Hello – free shipping!





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