SYML Shares His Creative Process & Feelings on His New Album


SYML – aka Brian Fennell – didn’t think he’d ever release a full-length album, but it’s happening. On May 3rd the album drops.

He has already released his new love song “the bird” and the lyrics have people swooning. It doesn’t get more romantic than “All your stars are in view. I get lost loving you.” The purity of his voice pierces the heart and his music takes you soaring.

I spoke to Brian about the inspiration behind the song, his creative process and how it feels knowing that the world will soon have access to new music.

Here is the full video of “the bird”. Pre-order the album here. He is back in Montreal June 13th.

As I hear him talk about “the bird”, I can’t help but wonder if that tension between control and release isn’t also describing the magic of the creative process. Knowing when to step back, and when to step in, is unique to the artist. SYML seems to have figured out a dance that has the world wanting more.

You can read our in-depth chat here.

Photo by Ben Blair.

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