SYML Covers Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” & Releases New Song “The Bird”

Let’s hope he sings this “perfect” song Saturday night at the Corona at 8 PM. He is on tour now with Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis. For tour dates visit SYML’s site.

You have no doubt heard SYML’s “Clean Eyes” on the radio. This atomic version of the song was the highlight of his last concert.

SYML – aka Brian Fennell – releases his debut full-length album on May 3rd!

He  just released his new song “The Bird“. He says it’s about how we have to be careful with love.

“If we are too gentle it might get away, but if we hold on too tight we might suffocate it.” – SYML


It’s no secret that I am a massive fan of this kind and authentic soul. I can’t wait to seem him on Saturday. I interviewed him a while back and you can read our in-depth chat here.

O – and I need this candle he created with Florilège Paris. I love his simple and clean aesthetic. Considering SYML means simple, it’s no surprise that he approaches design with the same purity he applies to his heart-wrenching music.




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