If This Play Doesn’t Get You To Broadway, Nothing Will

Adam Driver (Girls, Star Wars: The Last Jedi) and Keri Russel (The Americans) star in Burn This on Broadway.  It’s a drama about two friends in the aftermath of their mutual friends’ accidental deaths.

The part of Pale will no doubt give Adam a chance to pummel the stage with his mercurial bravado while surprising us with moments of charming levity.

The role of Anna is a challenging one and I have no doubt Russell will kill this performance.

I say the part of Anna is a challenge because the play starts out mid-drama, and she must be in the depths of human sorrow believably from the top of the show.

I saw Burn This in New York starring Edward Norton and Catherine Keener a while back and it remains my favorite play to this day.

I remember sitting in awe as snowflakes fell behind the larger than life New York loft windows. Ed Norton, known for his gritty performance in the violent American History X, performed the act of making a pot of tea with the gentleness you would use to swaddle a newborn. It was spellbinding.

Burn This is an incredible play so get your tickets fast. The show is in previews as of March 15th. It opens on April 16th and closes July 7th. I’m not going to miss it. Get your tickets here.

As if the Broadway gods weren’t spent after giving us this gift, you can also catch Ethan Hawke and Paul Dano in the incredible play True West. Two brothers battle out their differences in this Sam Shepard classic. The show closes March 17th. Buy your tickets here.

What shows are you going to see this year?




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