5 Home Changes I’ll Be Making

Can you feel the energy today? It’s sunny and January is over! Woohoo!

This burst of energy has me wanting to make some changes at home that are long overdue.

1 – Change the light fixture in my living room

I’ve had a small chandelier hung in my living room since we moved in, but the scale is off, and the style is outdated. I will purchase this one from IKEA that is actually on sale until Sunday!

2 – Install shelves on either side of my fireplace


I have an odd shaped living room with a window in an  awkward place above the television. This means that my room feels off kilter. I have been wanting to add shelves on either side of my mantel to help balance it out for a long time. I also want to add a shelf above my television (that is under the oddly place window) to balance out that wall. This will also fill up the wall that feels bare and should remove focus on the television. I plan to dress up those shelves with my favorite art, plants, and books.

3 – Hang my art


Have you ever made art or bought art that sat on the floor leaning against a wall for a year? No? Then I’m afraid you and I can’t be friends. I’m kidding. We are classic procrastinators so it is seriously time this art placed on an actual wall. Leaning against the wall is cute for a while, but not forever. We will definitely use this life-changing trick for hanging art with…drum roll…a fork.

4 – Jazz up my closet

I live in a neighborhood where closets are tiny, storage is null and rooms are oddly shaped. It’s part of the charm. My closet, installed by the last owners, must have been designed by an inebriated tradesman. With the sliding doors on, my hangers don’t fit. You heard right. The paint job looks like it was done by that tradesman the morning after when he/she was too hungover to paint more than the first layer of primer. We removed the doors out of necessity, but I can always see my clothes hanging there, too wide for the closet. Rather than redesign the whole closet which would be pricey, I’ll hang some simple curtains, repaint the room, and add a gorgeous piece of art to dress it up.

5 – Display my personal photos


Am I the only one who can’t face the black hole of the thousands of photos I’ve taken? I don’t have any vacation photos or family photos up in my home. That is insane. There are so many gorgeous ways to display photos now, I need to get cracking. From simple white frames to this option, the sky is the limit.

(Now let’s pray this post pushes me into actual action. LOL.)

Any home design plans?


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4 thoughts on “5 Home Changes I’ll Be Making

  1. I love your style! I would love to purchase that same light from IKEA but I need to know if the hanging length is adjustable? I plan to put it over a dining room table.

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