Six Links You Can’t Miss!

1 –  Season 3 of “Call My Agent” is Now on Netflix. Flawed but impeccably dressed Parisian talent agents get themselves, and their celebrity clients, into absurd situations. It’s not-to-miss television.  In French with English subtitles. Don’t worry, it only adds to the fun watching them explode in French.

2 – How to Make Your Salad Insta-worthy. Simple tricks to make your salad go from food to art.

3 – Find Your Decorating Style by Emily Henderson. I like her unique take on how to find your style. Who doesn’t love a fun quiz? I also love her book. The colors will help you fight any winter blues.

4 – What I Wish I’d Known Before Moving to New York City. This is a great recap of the reality of living in the big apple.

5 – How the Full Moon and Eclipse will affect your week.

6 – A fascinating interview with the author of the book Margaret Atwood called “A gripping, sinister fable.”

BONUS LINK: I received this wine as a gift and it is to die for.




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