Four Funny Books for the Holidays!

A friend asked me for some book recommendations for the holidays so I thought I’d share my favorite funny reads from 2018!


This lovely man just wrote the most life-affirming bromance I’ve ever read. It’s witty, touching and satisfying. Please make this into a movie. Two men who should never have met, change each other’s life. (Here is my interview with the hilarious British author Mike Gayle.)

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What happens when your best friend gets together with your soulmate? Ten years of misunderstandings agony and bad decisions. This was Reece Witherspoons’s pick for December. I laughed out loud on a plane, in an airport and wherever I went with this book. I wish I had waited for a chocolate induced uninterrupted couch potato marathon, but nevertheless, I loved reading it in snippets. I finished it in a few days. Get a glass of wine, some ice-cream and enjoy!

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I want to be Jenny Colgan when I grow up. All of her books star a brave entrepreneurial heroine who carves out a life for herself in a community full of hilarious characters. Have hot tea, scones and a warm blanket ready to go for this one. Turn off your phone and get ready to want to move to this magical Scottish Island.

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I love her books so much I celebrated a milestone birthday in Nantucket where all her stories take place. Elin Hilderbrand just started a new trilogy and this one takes place in the Caribbean. I can’t wait to get out some white wine and start this one!

What will you be reading?


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