Welcome to 2018!


How is your January going? I have felt like a square tire bumping along the road, but it’s getting better! I just have to have patience with myself and start taking that vitamin D!


I am also curious how you define wellness, happiness and success? These are questions I ask myself a lot. So much so, that as you may know, I started très cozy with my friend Kara. We hold wellness, creativity and happiness workshops for women. Our mission is to provide support and solace to our sisters.

Get your tickets here for the next event February 1st or February 22nd!


For our second event, we have developed a guided discussion, and a few simple exercises to help you plan your intentions for the year. We’ll also chat together about what’s working, and what’s getting in the way. Let’s inspire and teach one another. We have so much knowledge within us. Let’s share that brilliance!


My 2018 Road Map: Setting Intentions & Living with Purpose will help you plan your 2018, prioritize your intentions, and outline what realistic actions you can take so that you live your 2018 with purpose. When you turn the calendar page to 2019, you can say for yourself without regret, that 2018 was a successful year. I think success has become a word that implies wealth, fame or ideas that ultimately don’t drive everyone. I am taking that word back and defining it for myself, and I invite you to as well!


I had an honest look at what I want to accomplish this year and what’s getting in my way. It feels good to see it all in writing and outlined on the page. It has minimized that feeling of being overwhelmed. I now feel like I have a road map for my 2018 “trip”. I will be able to check my choices against it to make sure that what I say “yes” to matches my priorities. I am learning to be more selfish and focused. That’s one of my takeaways. What will yours be?


I hope to see you there for this Ladies’ Night for the Soul, and maybe with a friend, so that you can share your progress with someone close. I think that success, happiness, and wellness are different for each individual; but they are not achieved alone. This evening will be your moment to look a little closer at how you are spending your time.


Can you tell I’m excited about this? Cheers to living 2018 on purpose; and taking the time to live your own best version of wellness, success, and happiness!

For more info and to purchase tickets click here.



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