Why is self-care our last priority?

Is it lack of time? Or is it simply that we don’t see the value until it’s too late? I have recently found myself with more time on my hands. It’s been amazing to write, to work out, and have more me time. I said to someone the other day “I appreciate it so much because I know that once things get back to normal, having me time and taking care of myself will be the first thing to go.”


I heard myself say that and then I thought, is there an alternative? Can we practice self-care, mindfulness and have fulfilling creative time in real life

This past May, my friend Kara and I launched très cozy, a joint venture that combines Kara’s fitness and wellness center Très Barre Studio and this blog. We facilitate Wellness, Creativity & Happiness workshops for women to inspire one another. Our first event was such a great success thanks to the 8 amazing women who not only attended, but were brave enough to vocalize their life challenges and successes.

I am so happy to announce that our second event a Ladies’ Night for the Soul will be held at Kara’s studio on February 1st and 22nd, 2018. The topic is My 2018 Road Map: Setting Intentions & Living with Purpose. Tickets are 45$ for one, or 80$ for two, so bring a friend! Click on this link to get more information and buy your tickets.

I hope you’ll be there! Maybe the start of a new year is just the right time to explore a new approach.


Ladies Night for the Soul (10)

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