Beauty in our own backyard.

Yesterday I was frustrated for many reasons including what’s going on around the world, and my geography. Why would I use the photos of where I live for this lifestyle blog I want to grow when Montreal is so “boring”, it’s no California or Europe I told myself. A voice inside my head said to me “Really? Look out the window at the beautiful light.”

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I admire the trees and flowers daily. I love how each person in my neighborhood uniquely dresses their home. I love how the light catches the leaves. I decided to head outside with my camera and capture this beautiful fall day.

I did not expect what happened. I noticed baby ivy falling like jewelry over telephone wires and old tree trunks that reminded me of elephant legs. I saw leaves coupled like two lovers. I saw greenery growing in unusual places.

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Imprints of leaves on the sidewalk made me think about time and mortality. The coupled leaves made me think about eternal love. Pink flowers made me think about passion. Greenery growing despite electric wires made me think about never giving up and growing despite obstacles. It reminded me to think creatively.

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I saw some leaves had fallen and were stuck on shrubbery or amidst a flower bed. I identified with those leaves. Adrift and waiting for a gust of wind to blow them in the right direction. In the meantime, they lie supported by another leaf, and can bask in the sunlight. I feel that way sometimes.

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I was blown away by the variety of textures. How soft the grass and pine tress look. How flowers are in various stages of bloom and decay. So much is happening at every moment and you can miss it if you don’t take the time to see it.

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I thought of the recent mini tornado that hit NDG and all the trees that had to be cut down. I thought about how we are not taking proper care of our planet.

I saw squirrels gathering nuts for the winter. I caught a shot of one in front of a car wheel, foreboding for that little creature? I hope not. What is the right way to combine human advancement and animal protection?

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As I look through these photos, I tell myself to be like that leaf settled for now on a flower. I might sometimes feel lost, but for this moment I am free. I can rest and bask in the sun until I reach my next destination.

Maybe my photos can be a voice for mother nature too.


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