Lazy girl beach waves!

Looking for ways to save time in the morning, I decided to try braiding my wet hair before bed so I could wake up with beach waves.

My first attempt was to try 6 small braids. I parted my hair the way I like it. I then made 3 braids on the bottom layer, and 3 braids on top layer. (I put them in a bun because this was not a good look for me.) Unfortunately, with that many small braids the results were more Fraggle Rock than the loose beach waves I was hoping for.

My second attempt was a single french braid in the back of my head. The next morning, I discovered this was more like it. It achieved a softer wave, but without the full coverage.

My third attempt was perfect! Part your hair the way you like it, and make two french braids on either side and then voila! When you wake up, undo them, and you are ready to go! Don’t make the braids too small or it will look crimped.

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How do you save time on your hair in the morning?

P.S. For more braid inspiration, check out Cele-braid-tion!


All pics via Pinterest.


4 thoughts on “Lazy girl beach waves!

  1. You have inspired me to do some experimenting with braiding wet hair. Just when I was feeling like it needs something new. Thank you!

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