My favorite natural bath & body products.

I am constantly on the hunt for natural beauty products. I am still looking for the perfect natural deodorant so please share if you’ve found one. I want to feel good about what I am putting on my lips and body.

Hilda, creator of Elskabody.

Elskabody was born when creator Hilda got tired of reading product labels while shopping for products for her daughters. Elska means love in her native Iceland. All of her bath & body products are made by hand, with natural ingredients, and with love.

Her lip balms are my favorite. I am willing to spend up to 12$ on a good lip balm but I have yet to find one that is both comfortable and actually moistens my lips, until now. Elskabody lip balm not only comes in the most beautiful packaging, and in the most delightful scents like piña colada, peppermint, and vanilla; but they feel nourishing. They are 5$ each (4 for 16$) and I don’t have to worry about any weird ingredients.

Hilda spends her free time on weekends handmaking body butters, bath salts, face scrubs, hand creams and more. “Every time I get an order, I jump up and down in my kitchen!”

Hilda has kindly offered us 20% on-line purchases. Just use the promo code: cozysweatercafe.

P.S. Another reason I love this brand is her monthly giveaway she calls her “Super Single Mommy Gift Box”. Every month she does a draw and sends a free gift box of 2-4 Elskabody personalized products to a deserving single mom. You can nominate someone who could use a little self-pampering by sending Hilda a direct message on Instagram or send an email to with the name and either an IG or Facebook page so Hilda can add them to her list.


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