Why you’ll be talking jewelry at your next event.

I wore my Wendy Mink earrings to work yesterday and a colleague startled me when she leaned in to get a closer look. “I don’t know where you bought those” she said, “or what you paid, but they were worth every penny. They are beautiful! I assume I can’t find them in Montreal?” Actually, I may have bought them at Wendy Mink’s Manhattan boutique, but I am happy to say that she sells her jewelry on-line.

Wendy Mink medallion filigree earrings

I not only fell in love with the jewelry, but with Wendy herself. She is one of those people that make New York so fascinating. “I have a great story!” she shared with me gleefully. While travelling through India, Wendy bought a carpet for $400. Years later, broke and searching frantically for a way to raise the funds she needed to manufacture her first large jewelry order for Barney’s New York, she cleverly sold that same carpet for $10,000. So began a business that has prospered for over 20 years. She has since sold her handmade jewelry to Anthropologie and other retail giants.

Wendy Mink filigree earrings with red flower crochet

Wendy has taught women overseas how to make jewelry so they can support themselves long before it was cool to do so. She began her career as an artist but once she discovered her passion for jewelry design, she devoted her life to travelling the globe and creating beautiful handmade jewelry with artisans like the Tibetans that work in her atelier. Her style is Global meets Victorian.

Wendy Mink heart peridot earrings

If you are ever on the Lower East Side, I recommend a browse in her shop. Whether you buy anything or not, I am sure you will find beautiful eye candy and enjoy a chat with the lady herself. Each piece is unique, handmade and is definitely a conversation starter.

Wendy Mink stackable 5 stone rings

You can browse Wendy’s on-line shop here and you will receive 10% off your first purchase when you sign up for the newsletter (which promises only good news).

Wendy Mink gold disc and ruby necklace


72 Orchard St A, New York, NY 10002


Me in my Wendy Mink earrings handmade in Peru at her NYC shop on a cold & windy day.


All images from her on-line shop with permission. Thank you Wendy and see you soon!


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