The Right Stripes.

It is all about stripes right now. It’s hard not to fall for such a fresh and versatile pattern that evokes every vibe from nautical vacation to rock n’ roll.

Here is a round-up of my favorite Pinterest looks for Spring and where to find them.

The great things about stripes is that you probably have some in your closet. So you can always always pull a classic Jane Birkin…

Or try these…

Madewell pants


Zara tunic


Zara blouse



What will you be busting out for Spring?


All images via.

For more stripes check this out.








4 thoughts on “The Right Stripes.

  1. Ok so this past winter I made a concerted effort to get stripes in there. Turtleneck stripes to be specific. So I’m excited to do the same for this summer.. I need tee shirts and those Madewell pants are calling my names! Red stripes are also my jam.

  2. Dear Angélique – I will not be able to depart from the iconic marinière from Petit Bateau that was brought back in style by Jean-Paul Gaultier in the 80’s!!!

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