Street Style Fashion at Paris Fashion Week – Fall 2017

What a whirlwind for street style photographer Suzanne Bateman who just returned from an 8 month sojourn in Paris. Her photographs outside the shows for Spring Summer 2017 blew us away.

Here are Sue’s favourite shots from Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017.

Emma Roberts

— Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 —
by Suzanne Bateman

Well everyone, Fashion Month is officially over but there are still many cities hosting their own fashion weeks, including the one starting in Montreal next week.

Fashion Preview Montreal is happening March 27th, 28th and 29th. Unlike other cities you can buy tickets here.

To get you all in the mood I have composed a roundup of my favourite things from the recent Paris Fashion Week.

By the way, I have caught the street style photography bug (it’s your fault Angelique!) and am trying to turn this hobby into something more like a job…stay tuned as I have my first PRESS PASS for Fashion Preview Montreal so I will be getting more up close and personal around the runway and backstage AHHHHHH (cue the teenage girl screams)!!!!!

Ok here it goes…

Favourite Paris Fashion Week moment…I added two pics because it was so great

This girl gets two pics as well for my favourite ALL OUT effort…

Favourite all around style

Favourite Hamish…Bowles

Favourite Brazilian Blogger….Camila Coehlo

Favourite Boy….Brian

Favourite photograph

Favourite mini purse

Favourite Italians…Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini

Favourite Mary Tyler Moore retrospective

Favourite Frenchwoman…Caroline de Maigret

Favourite dream hair

Favourite hair colour

Favourite grey man from outer space

Favourite vintage…Jenny Walton

Favourite knit…Irene Kim

Favourite mixed print…

Favourite snub from what’s her name….ANNA>>>ANNA>>>ANNA

Favourite celebrities…Derek Blasberg

Kate Mara

Gwendoline Christie 


Favourite shoes

Favourite bag

Favourite editor to match a police car…Kate Fowley
Favourite Knowles…JUST KIDDING its obvs. the BEY

Paris Fashion Week would not have been complete unless I snuck into a show and this year was no different…

Favourite sneak in….Jaquemous!!!

Bye FAnimals!!!  See you soon!

Check out more of Sue’s pics at

or here:

Street Style @Chanel

Street Style @Stella McCartney

Street Style @Givenchy

Street Style @Dior

Street Style @Isabel Marant

Street Style @Rochas

Street Style @Paule Ka

Thank you for sharing what makes your heart soar Sue, and for bringing us along for what feels like a magic carpet ride. Speaking of magic carpet rides…stay tuned for her adventures in Morocco coming soon on the cozy sweater café.

Zhu Zhu


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