A hairy question for you.

There are so many beautiful lobs, square cuts and shags right now it is impossible to choose a new hair cut! It has been months since I started growing out my asymmetrical lob, and it’s time for a trim or a big change.

The new cut must:

  • be easy to maintain, no one hour prep in the morning
  • work for my curly thick hair, not just when the weather is “right”

Here are my top picks.  Starting from the top 1-22, which is your favorite?




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9 thoughts on “A hairy question for you.

  1. Some of these are for thin hair I think? I think you should do #6 – including the ombré with blonde. Then you can teach me how to get that perfect wave!

  2. 14, 15, 19, 22! I like the slightly longer, not too perfect look. The shorter the more maintenance, from my experience. Miss u lady xox

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