A holiday gift for you!

I am so happy to share that this Friday, December 9th, you get 30% off * at LOLË Atelier in Westmount all day! How? Just stop by and mention Maxine Grossman at the cash, one of their ambassadors.

Enjoy 30% off all day Friday December 9th at LOLË in Westmount and some bubbly at the party from 6-9!

Enjoy 30% off all day Friday, December 9th at LOLË in Westmount and some bubbly at the party from 6-9!

I decided I needed to be accountable to someone if my strength was going to improve. I am the queen of coming up with excuses to not work out. A friend of mine told me that she felt great working out with Maxine, so I decided to try some sessions.  After 6 personal training sessions and 3 of her her group classes, I feel stronger, more energetic and I have created not only the habit of working out, but the desire.  This is huge for me.

Here is more about Maxine, and a special offer!

So what’s the scoop?

Maxine is a personal trainer with a private studio in NDG, Montreal. Her workouts are challenging and fun, with an emphasis on technique. Add that together and you get results.

Wherever you’re at today, or however long it’s been, she can help you develop strength, stamina, and mobility. She works with clients one-on-one or in small groups (up to 6 people) so that she can adapt the workouts to each individual’s needs.

You spend all day motivating clients. What motivates you?  What drives me is helping clients live better in the real world. Whatever we do in the studio is just practice.

There’s nothing more rewarding than when a client tells me that she felt stronger in some aspect of her daily life, be it climbing the stairs with baby in the car seat, carrying the groceries into the house, or playing her favourite sport with more agility and ease.  

So… should I get in shape for 3 months before I start fitness classes with you?  Not at all! Your time and health are so precious; why waste 3 more months of training inefficiently?

Working out with a personal trainer (small group or one-on-one) is the most efficient way to get in shape. I’ll adapt the exercises, weights, pace and difficulty to suit you, whatever your fitness level is today, and we’ll take it from there.  

Am I going to need to weigh in? Never. Actually, I don’t even own a scale; at home or the studio! My goal is for clients to become stronger, faster, and more agile. Along the way we’ll talk about recovering from tough workouts with good food, sleep and hydration.

For sure, good lifestyle habits can lead to a change in external physique. But more importantly, there’s an internal confidence and happiness that stems from being able to accomplish something today, that you couldn’t three months ago. 

Holiday bonus! I’m offering a free trial to any readers of the cozy sweater café, so come check out one of my small group classes and see how you like it!

On your way over, stop by LOLË Atelier in Westmount and pick up some new gear to compliment your fab new workout schedule and fitness commitment. I’m one of their local ambassadors so just use my name at the cash and get 30% off all day on Dec. 9th.

Happy holidays and wishing you all the best in health and fitness for the new year!


Instagram: @maxinegrossmanPT

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/maxinegrossmanPT

*Certain restrictions apply. Yoga mats and some bags are not included.

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