The book that will light up your life!

So…I have a favorite yoga teacher.  Why do I love him the most? Is it because he plays Madonna?  Maybe.  Is it because he massages your shoulders with eucalyptus oil before class? Perhaps.  Most of all, it is because he opens every class with his thoughts on the day, and they are usually linked to what is happening in his life, and in the world.  He is incredibly honest, deep, and generous with what he shares.  He is a very special person who tends to make me cry, laugh, and feel amazing.  He is a teacher, a mentor, and an author.

His name is. Bram Levinson. Bram recently wrote the cutest little pocket-size book that in the dark days of winter and during some challenging changes in my life, provided me with light, hope, and peace.  It was easily the best 20$ I have ever spent. I think we all need this book right now to help us deal with this crazy world.

It is a 365-page small but mighty book that helps you set an intention each day.  I read it in 3 days, but that’s just me.  Now when I see that sunflower on my nightstand I know that it is there if, and when, I need it.  There are so many incredible passages, quotes, and helpful thoughts. I sincerely hope you pick it up.

Bram originally worked in retail. He had a substantial salary, an esteemed title, and all the trappings of modern life. He abandoned all of it because of a conversation he had with a friend over a glass of wine.  In a bad place because he wasn’t living his true purpose, his friend asked him a simple question.  “If you could do anything with your life, forget about money and reality, what would you do?”  He answered “I want to help people.  I would teach yoga, write, and travel the world.”  To which she replied, “So do it”, and he did.

He began blogging and eventually after contacting editors, got some writing gigs on other sites.  He wrote The Examined Life, his first book, and self-published it.  A Year in the Light is his second self-published book. Sales are going very well. “No one is more surprised by this success than me.  It is amazing how little we need to enjoy life.  Now instead of buying happiness, I live it.”

Bram says that when he teaches and writes, he doesn’t know where the words come from. They just appear and sometimes after class, he can’t remember what he said.  He is channeling the universe unencumbered by ego and mental noise.  He started yoga because he was tired of the monotony of the gym and he wanted to stay in shape.  Ask and you shall receive.  He met a yoga teacher who has been his guru ever since.

Now, not only is he a published author and esteemed teacher, he also teaches abroad. There are a few spots left for his Paros, Greece yoga vacation.  Maybe I’ll see you there…

Bram in my favorite spot to do yoga, Luna Yoga.

Whatever happens, I hope you give yourself the gift of his words, and if you are really smart, one of his classes.  Pssst…Get there early!  They fill up very fast.


Bram’s must-read blog is here.

You can buy the book here

First and last photos taken by Eloi Brunelle.

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