New York City Capsule Wardrobe

I am heading to the Big Apple for my spring break (!!!) and in order to keep things simple, I am planning a capsule wardrobe. My usual tendency is to put everything in my suitcase “in case I feel like wearing it”. Not this time, friends, not this time…

Here is my inspiration.

army green coat + big grey sweater + converse

huge black cozy sweater + black jeans + ankle booties

layer grey + black sweater + scarf + black jeans

ankle boots + blue jeans + big black sweater

ankle boots + dark coat + tights + black skirt

leather leggings + sweater + ankle booties

t-shirt + leather jacket + jeans + gold necklaces

army coat + black dress + statement necklace

stan smith + slouchy pants + leather jacket

striped shirt + booties + leather jacket + black gloves

leggings + oversized sweater + moto boots

jean shorts + tights + blazer + statement bag + ring etc…

a t-shirt that says something of great importance

dark sunglasses + nyc attitude

must: randomly walk down brownstone staircases with purpose

for 5 days I should need:


leggings + tights

shorts + slouchy pants

black dress

light army colored coat (in case of rain) + dark colored warmer coat (for night)

leather jacket or cool blazer

2 oversized sweaters

grey t-shirt, b + w striped shirt, statement t

flat boots + sneakers + heels

a few necklaces + sunglasses + evening clutch + long strap over the shoulder bag + belt

Going somewhere hot for spring break? Check out for inspiration.

(all pics via pinterest)

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