A beautiful read: Brooklyn


I read the award-winning novel Brooklyn in an afternoon.  It is a simply written, deeply moving story about a young Irish woman who has to chose between two worlds.

Sent to Brooklyn in the 1950’s for a better life, she sets out on an adventure not of her choosing.  Two years later she visits home, much to the interest of everyone in her small town, and peaks the interest of a man who ignored her in the past.

She must decide if she will honor her commitments in America, or stay where she is most comfortable.

It is all about the choices we make, and why we make them.

Colm is able to get inside a woman’s head so accurately that I found myself relating to her even though my life looks very different on the outside.

It is a beautiful story.  I look forward to seeing the film version soon.

Have you read the book or seen the movie? Thoughts?



2 thoughts on “A beautiful read: Brooklyn

  1. I’m a huge fan of Domnhall Gleeson and so I had this movie bookmarked — but now I can also add it to my reading list! (I’m on Book Three of the Ferrante series)

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