Top 10 essentials for a man’s weekend wardrobe

1 – Cozy sweater, preferably a black turtleneck

source: welovestyles

2 – Well fitting coat with a high collar


source: un amore per sempre

3 – Leather jacket


source: closermag

4 – Longsleeve undershirt


source: glamour magazine


5 – Black t-shirt



6 – Fitted black shirt


7 – Boots

source: stylebistro

source: eonline

8 – Scarf

source: daily star

source: Esquire

9 – Jeans that fit right.


source: us magazine

source: vee travels

10 – A sense of humor !


OK…more like this…

source: pinterest

Esquire Top 15 Pieces

Men’s Health “Versatile Wardrobe”

Articles of Style “20 Essential Menswear pieces”

What would add to the list?


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