The song that makes me happy

I am so excited to share, as a follow-up to this interview, the new Po Lazarus track called “Will You Be My Baby?”  I have had it on play since it was released.

I caught up with Josh to ask him a few questions about the song that I am sure will be a hit.

Montreal band: Po Lazarus. Photo by Brian Hastie.

Angelique: What was your inspiration for the song?

Josh: This track is one of the first we made as a full 4-piece group.  “Will You Be My Baby” is infectious and happy sounding, although the subject matter is a desperate lover’s plea, to which the response to the title is a resounding “no”.  Maybe it’ll be “yes” for someone.

A: Did it turn out as you originally planned, or evolve in studio?

J: It turned out as planned, because we do things with purpose.  Use of the glockenspiel was from being in the studio, so you could say that was evolution.  As for bird and waves sounds, who doesn’t like those? Whoever says they don’t is lying.

A: Any upcoming gigs we should know about?

J: We have an awesome gig this Friday, September 25th at Bar le Ritz! We open for Ben Caplan, along with Johnny Griffin who is doing a solo set.  You should come on out, it’s going to be really lovely. Get all the show info here.

What do you think of the song?


Thanks Josh and keep ’em coming…

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