Culottes: A Whole Lotta Cool Going On

Touted as “feminist couture”, culottes provided comfort to sporty women back in the 1920’s and were adopted by flappers, Coco Chanel, and Twiggy alike. Now this trend is on fire for fall. For the fashionably fearless, the cool-lot allows you to express just about any mood and can be worn anywhere. They also allow you to highlight your favorite footwear…


the elegant 

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Balance out the more masculine wide leg with a pointy toe and minimal top.


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A thin belt can help maintain a feminine silhouette.

gurl howtowearculottes1

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Worn with a strappy heel, the culotte looks extra chic.  A long necklace and patterned top can keep the eye moving up and down to distract from the boxier shape.


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The new penny loafer is a very cool option. Balance the look with a little feminine jewelry and some lace.

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If you go with one color, it will also elongate your look. I love this billowy sleeveless blouse and masculine flip flops.

the chic sneak

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I love the playful tomboy chic look.

the boots

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Culottes provide the perfect opportunity to show off your favorite boots, tall or ankle. A hat can help balance out the width of the pants.

the decorated statement heel

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Treat your culottes like a skirt and wear them to any event.


Leather jacket

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Men’s blazer

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Crop top

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Denim shirt

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DO’s & DONT’s

Do: Try high-waisted culottes.

Do: Have fun with this look, it is supposed to be liberating. Express your style.

Don’t: Skimp on tailoring, like any pant.

Don’t: be shy or listen to the naysayers, go for this look if you love it, and play with patterns, denim, and color.

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Alotte more on the culotte…


HIGHLIGHT: Why culottes are a feminist trend.

HIGHLIGHT: Culottes don’t say you’re a Good Feminist: they say you’re confident, experimental, fashion-forward and probably dressing to please yourself.

HIGHLIGHT: Fall 2015 trends.

HIGHLIGHT: Don’t fear the culotte.

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Are you contemplating the culotte trend, ignoring it, or already wearing them?


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10 thoughts on “Culottes: A Whole Lotta Cool Going On

  1. TOTALLY ON IT!! i have a pair of rust tribal ones that I bought for my favorite outfit ever (culottes, lace camisole, TURBAN… Arcade Fire Anyone?) Free People has some great rust colored pleated ones… I like the voluminous ones with long boots… not so much with the flats (this lady needs height, let’s remember that). Also I just found some Rachel Comey boots on EBAY! Huzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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  3. Totally in! Actually bought my first this weekend which is sort of like a jumpsuit with a nice cami top, very chic! Don’t want to say the word Xmas (but here I just did!) as this piece will be a 4-season one that I can wear a number of different ways: casual or more formal. loving it already!

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