Heaven scent

It’s that time of year when a few leaves have changed color, and we begin contemplating the same for our fall wardrobe.

Here in Montreal we are in the middle of a heat wave so I haven’t started shopping yet, but I have decided to refresh a few details, and am happy to use my birthday as an excuse to treat myself.

A fresh scent!

I have been wearing Mademoiselle by Chanel everyday for years. I discovered this amazing and inexpensive (read: non-designer) perfume by Albeit at Anthropologie.  I absolutely adore it.

New journal & pen!

As someone who gets all of my best ideas just as I drift off to sleep, I need to have a pen and paper by my bed.  I usually use a simple notebook from the pharmacy, but I fell in love with this journal and pen, also from Anthropologie.

Why should students have all the fun?


All pics from www.anthropologie.com

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