Girls just want to have bun!

Since I cut my hair shorter a year ago, I can’t quite achieve the top knot I used to be able to whip up. So for now, I dream and covet those I see on lovlies around the office, and in the world at large.  Here are some of my ultimate bun-spirational pictures from around the web. Do you have a favorite bun-torial?  Do share.

The Carrie


 There is simply no better modern bun, as far as I can tell, that tops this one. High on the head with lots of volume, this is great for us curly-haired gals.

ink361 kate

You can also do something a little sleeker (for all the award shows you attend). A glossy shadow and pale pink lips never hurt either.


Or… tie it, twist it, pin it, let a few strands fall, and add red lips…lovely.

Le Bardot

pinterest bardot

If you can figure this one out at home I salute you, but methinks this one needs several helpers.

I like Kate’s version.

Or how about adding some volume in the back with a french twist, black eyeliner, and a turtle neck?

The low twist

This one is very sophisticated and can solve any bad hair day. I do enjoy a side part, but all back, or a middle part can also change your look.

Twisted on the side adds a bit of attitude when paired with leather.

Add a braid and color me impressed!

The ballerina

A bit further back, this is the classic bun. Let your darker brows and statement earrings do the talking.

Show off your darker roots and cat eye sunglasses.

The Loren.

Think big, and then add even more volume, and maybe a braid. This exact look is a little hard to pull off these days… katie

…but definitely go with dark eyeliner to evoke Sophia.

Who says you can’t stop traffic in a bun?

The Audrey.

Lots of hair spray and a large bun at the back of the head…

…this one is for very special occasions (and only the best of photo shoots).

The accessories.




Hair bands.


The most viewed and helpful sock bun video:


I love that your bun can express such a variety of styles and is so easy to pull off. With a touch more effort and creativity, you can take your hair from bun, to bar none.

6 thoughts on “Girls just want to have bun!

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