Simple pleasures.

This weekend I was lucky to have the chance to stay at my friend’s home, aka “our country cottage”.  Croquet was set out for the kids, the weather was divine, and during a short rain storm we played Yahtzee which I haven’t done since University (when procrastinating on doing homework).  We made mohitos out of fresh mint, salad from vegetables growing in the garden, and relaxed by the pool.  It felt like we were in the Hamptons, complete with someone wearing sorbet colored shorts.

The kids ran around with spongy water guns and splashed like frogs.  We had a pancake making challenge and played Balderdash late into the night (while eating too many salty snacks). It was as idyllic as summertime was when you were a kid at a cottage with the whole summer ahead of you. When you had the time to listen to the rain fall, and tuck into a board game with that great sound of others chatting in the background, while you enjoy your comfy space.

It reminded me that sometimes in life, the absolute best thing to do is run away, get in a lazy bubble with friends and family, and appreciate life’s simple pleasures like games, tasty food, and good company.

I hope you are having a fabulous summer. xx


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