Have you tried this ?

(Montreal Gazette)

Have you heard of Sumac on Notre-Dame  Apparently it is AMAZING! This middle eastern resto is casual and gets people very excited. Take-out or eat in at this Mom & Pop style resto.


(Montreal Gazette)

What about the Satay Brothers at Atwater market?  Always a long line-up and very yummy I hear.


Have you heard that the new Nancy Myers movie is coming out this Fall starring Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro called The Intern?  Looks interesting…I love her movies.


Have you seen The Affair yet?  Fantastic show.  Phenomenal performances. Combines sex, mystery, and murder in a new way. It is beautifully filmed and focuses on the psychological effects of the affair.  You really get into the characters’ minds, and yet they remain elusive. I can’t rave about this show enough.

What about Netflix’s Bloodline?  This is another psychological thriller, set in the beautiful Florida Keys.  Starring Sissy Spacek and Sam Shepard as the parents of a brood whose lives are turned upset down by their disturbed brother portrayed by the force that is Ben Mendelsohn.  Wow. This show is highly addictive.



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