Best products for a DIY French manicure

Do you remember trying to do a French manicure with tape?  I do, and it was very frustrating. Now I use these two tools and it is a pleasure, provided that I always let each coat dry before adding another layer.

1- The Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen. Just follow the line of your nail tip to create a thin white line, and remove any excess with a Q-tip dipped in polish remover. This may take a little practise but that is what tv watching is for, am I right? Be sure to let it dry 100% before you paint your nails pink.

WARNING: Go easy on the cocktails while attempting this at home.

Sally Hansen Pen(Picture from Walmart)

2 – Essie Mademoiselle nail polish is the prettiest pink for a French manicure.  I always get compliments when I wear this color. You may like just one coat, but I prefer two or three.

essie-mademoiselle-300_9 in style(Picture from InStyle magazine)

 You will love the clean look.


3 thoughts on “Best products for a DIY French manicure

    • LOL – I am assuming nothing! I have been there Em and that is why I suggest less alcohol and more patience…LOL. I remember my first kit with white paper stickers that you had to try to apply straight…impossible!! This pen is a true revolution. I wish my 10 year old self had one.

      • BUT there was a certain mastery involved when you got it *just so*! I remember giving myself a French tip PEDI for my prom!
        Ok- less alcohol. Check!
        Also- I want more CSC!! Every day! So much fun- I loved the braid post. I had my WP reader on the wrong setting, so I get to play catch up on some posts! Double fun!

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